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Hi, my name is Tea Leigh. I've been doing hand poked tattoos since 2014.

I like hip-hop, fall, things that are spooky af and high-fives.

Thank you so much for your support and interest. It really means a lot that you all are so eager to have work by me!

FAQ: Let's get down to business 

  • 18 and up. No exceptions.
  • My hourly rate is $150
  • My tattoos take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours to make depending on scale.
  • I am looking to do more large scale work. If you're interested, I am! 
  • I do not make illustrations by request for you to get tattooed elsewhere. If there are original drawings in my shop, feel free to purchase one and do what you will with it!

When will your books re-open?

  • My books open every 3 months or so. This allows me to plan my life and go on vacation and also hang out with all of you lovely folks. 
  • Books will open again in December for January-March
  • I will put my email and booking information on instagram when the time comes. Please do not email me before then!

Will you come to a city near me?

  • Yes, I will keep everyone posted on instagram. When I know, you will too.

Do you do projects out side of tattooing?

  • Yes! Lets collaborate!!! I love to! If you have a project you need an illustration for, or you're trying to build a brand please contact me through the "contact" page. I love new and interesting projects and love to illustrate outside of my normal tattoo style.